Masters Of Scale Podcast Notes


Like most of my notes, these are a work in progress. Some nuggets I’ve appreciated from Reid Hoffman’s Masters Of Scale Podcast.

Episode #1 - Airbnb’s Brian Chesky in Handcrafted

~min 7:45

“It’s really hard to get 10 people to love anything. But it’s not really hard if you spend a lot of time with them.” - Brian

They asked for feedback and got a roadmap.

~min 9:00

“The roadmap often exists in the minds of the users you’re designing things for.” - Brian

They started asking

~min 10

“What could we do, not to make this better, but to make you tell everyone about it?

If I say what could we do to make this better, they will say something small.

If I were to say Reed … ‘what would it take for me to design something that you would literally tell every single person you encounter?’” - Brian

Episode #5 - Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg in Lead, Lead Again

~min 4

“I believe to lead an organization at scale … you have to be as skilled at breaking plan as you are at making them.” - Reid

~min 9:20

“Figure out what your system will be later … and do it now.” - Shery