Technical & Operational Professional Services


I’m a passionate technologist, accomplished entrepreneur and veteran Google leader driven to apply technical solutions across an ever growing diversity of challenges in both the consumer technology and corporate enterprise software.

I offer a range of technical and operational professional services that are best suited for other founders interested in adding additional engineering and operational horsepower to their project. I also offer my technical and operational services at a below market rate for friends and friends of friends in need of thoughtful technical guidance.

I combine the fundamentals of my engineering education coupled with 20+ years of industry experience and my ability to set vision, lead teams and take action to tackle any challenge and deliver results.

Your specific needs will determine the approach: long or short-term contract programming, product management, digital consulting, or general tech support.

I’m currently available for one off consultation or longer term development. Drop me an e-mail at romeroax AT gmail to set up a free 30 minute call with me!


For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with understanding how our world works. This curiosity coupled with an interest in building and an appreciation of the possibilities that technology provides pulled me towards computers at a young age.

My joke is that my four older brothers would not listen to me, however the computer would do exactly what I told it to do. When the opportunity presented itself, I promptly relocated to San Francisco in the fall of ‘99, armed with a fresh degree in Computer Engineering from Vanderbilt and all the enthusiasm of a twenty-one year old programmer drinking too much Mountain Dew.

During the first Internet boom, I served as 50% of our small engineering team writing code and adding features to the family social networking site we had launched in ‘98 called It was my first taste of the startup life and the associated challenges and realities of launching consumer software on the Internet.

The Google Years

When the bubble burst in 2001, I stayed in San Francisco and later joined Google in 2003 as part of the operational team that launched Google’s now multi-billion dollar Google AdSense product.

Working at Google’s Mt. View, California, headquarters was the experience of a lifetime where I was surrounded by brilliant and kind co-workers that would become great friends. At Google I was consistently promoted to increasing levels of leadership and responsibility thanks to a successful track record of high performance.

At Google I brought a unique combination of engineering acumen and interpersonal skills that allowed me to identify, develop and evangelize technical solutions across the sales, operations and product organizations as we wrestled with the challenges of hypergrowth that had never been seen before.

The Entrepreneurial Years

I resigned from Google in 2009 to pursue my entrepreneurial interest across several projects that I’d been wanting to explore. After receiving a little press with one of my ideas at the 2011 TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon, I was inspired to further develop the concept of locating friends and making new ones to hang out.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve worn just about every hat possible from software engineer to head of marketing as I work to build a sustainable business. I’ve successfully taken my idea from concept to launch in the Apple App Store, initiated a monthly subscription service and further developed the Hang Local brand into a line of streetwear now sold at retail stores in Venice, California.

These days I help other founders achieve their goals by leveraging my 20+ years of hands on operational and engineering experience.


BE in Computer Engineering, Vanderbilt University 1999


Google Founders’ Award Recipient (2006)

Highest internal award from Google founders to members of teams that made a significant business impact. Awarded for my contribution to launching a multi-million dollar AdSense related ad product.

Google Luminary Award Recipient (2004)

Recognized the top 3% of the Sales Organization. Awarded for owning the successful launch of Google’s first searchable customer help site.

Professional Services

With 20+ years experience in the San Francisco, Los Angeles & Washington, D.C. tech communities, I offer one of a kind insight from hands on experience building and launching innovative consumer product, managing technical teams of high performers and successfully leading cross-functional teams through successful product and operational rollout.

Contract programming, product development, digital strategy and general technical support are just a few of the services I can provide.

Send me an e-mail to romeroax AT gmail to discuss your unique technology needs!

iOS, Objective-C and Swift Development

With more than 4 years of core iOS development in XCode writing Objective-C and Swift under my belt, I know first hand what it takes to get at an app from concept to Apple’s App Store and the proven results to make it happen!

How I can help your team or project depends on your unique needs. I can step in as a Senior Software Engineer / iOS Developer to immediately add extra horsepower and speed up the development of your project or I can provide engineering leadership, architecture guidance and best practices.

The Hang Local iOS App

My work on the Hang Local iOS app included owning the full engineering lifecycle of the Hang Local app where I successfully took the idea from concept into development, testing and product launch in to Apple’s App Store through more than 15 releases.

To make this happen I coded a collection of custom native iOS classes written in a combination of Objective-C and Swift. To build Hang Local, it took more than 100+ custom classes which handle all view construction, object serialization and application logic. The app code is archived, packaged and distributed as a downloadable iOS app which communicates with the Hang Local back-end via a custom Python API.

A few highlights from building Hang Local include:

• The development of 100+ custom Swift and Objective-C classes to create a downloadable iOS app that has resulted in thousands of new real world meetups.

• The development of a client-server contacts synchronization system which locally caches a person’s contacts and syncs them with the server by utilizing the Contacts Framework, AFNetworking, a local Realm database and a custom built Python RESTful API using Django and Django Rest.

• The design and development of a swipe, match and chat feature by combining SendBird’s API with a custom UI resulting in the ability for users to directly communicate by sending photos, videos, voice and text messages.

• Integration of Apple’s StoreKit Framework allowing Hang Local iOS app users to support Hang Local’s mission with the in-app purchases of paid membership resulting in increased membership and revenue.

iOS Frameworks

The Hang Local app makes use of the following iOS Frameworks:

Geo location with Core Location Framework & Foursquare API

Local cache with Realm Mobile Database

Address Book access with Contacts Framework

In-App purchases with StoreKit Framework

Animations with Core Animation

1:1 Chat Integration with SendBird SDK

Cocoa Pods

The Hang Local app makes use of the following cocoa pods:

AFNetworking, BLKFlexibleHeightBar, Branch, Crashlytics, Fabric, IGListKit, KAProgressLabel, MDCSwipeToChoose, PINRemoteImage, Realm, SDWebImage, SendBird, Shimmer, SwiftyStoreKit

Python and Django Development

I have more than 10 years of hands on experience developing backends in Python using the Django Framework having now built and launched several sites and microservices.

I can immediately contribute to your team as an additional engineer or can provide guidance with architecture and deployment of services. As a huge fan of both the flexibility of Python and the Django Framework, I recently authored an article titled 3 Reasons Why Django Wins For Startups on CodeMentor.

Contact Me

Drop me an e-mail at romeroax AT to set up a call if you’re looking for help with your project. I’m also pretty easy to find on the Internet via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Github or AngelList.