Hire Python Django iOS Help

I love building. That’s why I became an engineer. Always future forward, I love new ideas, concepts and ways we can make the world better. My passion for executing on these ideas led me leave Google to become an entrepreneur.

When I’m not working on my passion project, Hang Local I contract out my services to other Founders that I can help out by adding additional engineering horsepower to their existing team.

My most current engineering experience involves the complete product development and implementation of the Hang Local native iOS app in Objective-C and Swift. To make that happen, a tremendous amount of core work also has gone into both the Python Django based back-end and the Django Rest Framework based Hang Local API.

Before becoming an entrepreneur I spent six early years of hyper growth at Google in Mountain View, CA. I had the honor of working on the team that launched Google's multi-billion dollar product AdSense Online and was later recognized with both a Google Luminary award a Google Founder's award for my contributions to the team and product. While at Google I filed 5 innovative patents in the social, mobile and local space.

Following my passion for technology from high school to college, I earned my Bachelor’s of Engineering in Computer Engineering from Vanderbilt University.

More details on the projects I’ve both worked and am working on are listed under my projects page.

Please reach out by e-mail if you’re looking to hire Django development or hire iOS development help for your current or next project.