Fast Docker Builds

With each passing day my love for Docker grows, and with it grows my understanding of how it actually works. When I first setup my Docker configuration awhile back, I’d used a nice Django project creator tool called cookie cutter django which also allows you to setup a working local and production Docker framework.  I’ll admit that when I first installed Docker I didn’t know too much of what I was doing and that I was mostly going off examples I found on the Internet. As time has passed and with it my understanding of Docker, the necessary task of speeding up my docker build finally won my ultimate priority. Here are a few tricks that has allowed me to proper utilize Docker’s built in caching mechanism and speed up my docker builds, ultimately increasing the speed of my release cycle.  

Mind The Docker Build Context

Gaining a deeper understanding of the Docker’s Build Context ended up being the single most important factor in speeding up my Docker build. The issue was mostly with my project directory structure.

… [To be continued]