What's Your Favorite Color Bueller?

I do poorly when answering interview questions from folks wanting me to fit their way of thinking.

Take for example ...

What’s your favorite color?

My brains says well today it may be some shade of yellow or gold. Did you know that yellow represents the color of the risen Lord in the Catholic church? Ya see .. the color yellow symbolizes light which in turn is a symbol of the presence of God … I mean it is Holy Week after all so Happy early Easter if you just learned something new!

I also choose yellow years ago as the primary color to represent my business Hang Local. At the time I was riffing off the above street sign and colors as in ‘yield’ … HANG LOCAL.

I mean the color gold is just so fascinating and symbolic over the centuries and after all … well gold is $$$ G… and truth continued to be told .... money has been on my mind probably too much lately #entrepreneurife.

Then there are the Skins! The Dores! The Niners and WARRIORS! who all too choose Gold!

I could go on for awhile …. but you should know that the truth is that growing up my favorite color was always green. You see green and I have a long 30+ year love affair. Now I’m not cheating on green these days … I’m just expanding my horizons.

I’m often a fan of purple however I have downgraded her recently. I mean it is after all officially spring and purple is more of a winter color to me. They also say that purple is the color of royalty but I don’t know who they are.

Wanna know what I think about red? … I’m guessing probably not at this point … and I haven’t even got to blue yet! All boys love blue obv! … and what ‘American’ doesn’t love the good ole’ red, white and blue?

If you wanna know the REAL TRUTH … well after twelve years of living in San Francisco I’m a fan of the whole damn spectrum.

What was your question again?

In all seriousness … why do we train our children to answer this silly question? Reward them when they have a clear answer and proceed to dress them primarily in that color re-inforcing the fact that they choose wisely!

Choose wisely children!


Date Published: Mar 28, 2018