The Future Is Already Here

My 2013 laptop screen is broken but I can get around it by using another monitor which I do.

People tell me my couple year old iPhone 5SE looks small ... but it still works great for me and I love the fact it has a mini jack for headphones. I'm not sure I'll ever switch to a phone that doesn't have a mini jack.

As an independent entrepreneur, creative and ... er ... digital nomad ... I push the use of my technology and the cloud services I use to the max!

All and all I've been thinking recently how I'm really happy with the overall modern state of technology in 2018.

I often think were so overly focused on more, more, more and bigger, faster, stronger ... that I wonder what it is we all want and when will we be happy? How many lines of resolution do you really need on your home TV? ... and at what point are too many channels too many?

Yeah yeah there are privacy issues, bandwidth issues, cost issues, hacker issues, tech displacement issues but for the love of God ... in the U.S. we have an amazing amount of technology at our fingertips for a relatively affordable price. It's all pretty darn cool IMHO.

The instant music, access to communicate globally with friends, video conferencing and just about anything we want from our phone via voice which allows pretty much ones whole life to be ordered on demand.

I dunno … consider that I posted this to my blog from an airplane while I was traveling across the U.S. at several hundred miles an hour while using the Internet via a satellite that is orbiting the Earth at a seperate rate yet still enabled me to be connected and as productive as previously only possible at a fixed desk.

Happy Monday! The future is here and it is great! :)

Date Published: Sep 24, 2018