Kevin Kelly's 1000 True Fans

Kevin Kelly’s 1000 True Fans concept is one I love and that I have been meaning to explain and share for those not familiar with it. Having found myself in recent conversation again talking about this concept, figured it was time to get it on the blog.

Futurist Kevin Kelly has a concept called 1000 True Fans based on this article he wrote back in 2008. Roughly updated and approximated for modern times, Kevin talks about the reality that all a modern maker, artist or CREATOR needs to be able to fund and support their creative process is to in actuality find what he calls 1000 TRUE FANS that are willing to support that creator with at least $100 per year in income.

The quick math on that is 1000 Fans * $100/year = $100K / year salary for that creator to live on. The key take away here is that this is not the 1 Million followers you may think you have to have to be a creator on Youtube or the like.

Over the years, as I’ve worked to figure out how to make Hang Local a sustainable endeavor, I based my desire to sign up 1000 Founding Members for Hang Local from Kevin’s concept.

I did this again when I targeted selling 1000 hats back in January. While I haven’t reached 1000 TRUE FANS for Hang Local, I maintain that it’s still within reach and having signed up more than 100+ Founding Members, I’m already over 10% of the way there!

Here is part of an interview with Kevin and a clip I recommend checking out. It’s always best to hear from the horse’s mouth. Google around for more interviews with Kevin on Youtube to hear more.

Be one of Hang Local’s 1000 True Fans by signing up as a Founding Member!

Date Published: May 31, 2018