Elon Musk Rocketman, Hat Slinger, Car Maker & Flame Thrower!

God bless Elon Musk who is keeping it real in the U.S. these days by currently serving as our shining star of modern entrepreneurship while no doubt inspiring folks like myself and the next generation of entrepreneurs for years to come. Elon, originally born in South Africa, and yet another great example of immigration success and the American Dream, does not yet seem to quit with his ambition.

After pioneering the digital payments revolution in the early 2000’s with Paypal, he took his well earned new wealth and parlayed it into a few new businesses that he felt compelled to start. You may know him today as the man behind Tesla Motors or working to establish humanities footprint on Mars via his rocket company SpaceX. It wasn’t always easy for Elon and during some of his most challenging years getting Tesla and SpaceX off the ground he acknowledges that he literally had to borrow money from friends to pay rent.

These days Elon seems to birth companies with the flick of a tweet and last year he raised a cool 1 Million by selling 50K hats for his latest endeavor, The Boring Company, which digs tunnels to allow for the the future of the Hyperloop.

A hat man myself, Elon has inspired me to launch my own campaign to sell hats, hoping to sell just a fraction of the number of hats Elon’s sold, in an effort to get my own startup off the ground and keep building tools that get us all hanging out more.

And now flamethrowers … yes folks, Elon has produced the ultimate man’s toy, The Boring Company Flame Thrower and is currently selling them for a cool $500 if you want to get your hands on one.  If you think there is no market for a flamethrower in the U.S., well then you’re wrong, as Elon has now sold over 15,000 flamethrowers bringing in more than 7.5 Million dollars.

The most ridiculous part about this is that he’s simply riffing off of the cult classic Spaceballs The Movie. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look from this clip and take special note of the flamethrower!

Kudos to you Elon Musk for doing what the eff you want to do and having a ball in the process!

Date Published: Jan 30, 2018