No AC at the Westin Reston Heights VA hotels com

With family close by in Reston, VA I've stayed at just about every hotel in the area visiting. The Westin Reston Heights is one of my favorites but I've been having a terrible stay the last two days as the AC basically has not worked.

$5 free money from the CEO of Twitter while it lasts!

If you're looking for a change from your normally scheduled quarantined programming … may I suggest taking 5 minutes of your time to get an easy $5 courtsey of Jack Dorsey … the CEO of Twitter … and the good folks building the Cash App over at Square?


the china virus aka coronavirus / covid-19 is such a scam! 

Our Pending Coronapocalypse

Pretty sure Webster’s should update their dictionary to reflect the new meaning of ‘Uncertainty’ and simply define it as March 2020.

2019 Update - Part Deux

As the years fly by, I’ve found it challenging to keep friends in the loop with what’s happening in my life, as well as stay informed of what’s happening in theirs.