Audible Book Notes


I pretty much exclusively digest books I’m interested in reading on Audible as it tends to be a better format for me.  While I’m a fan of reading, picking up a book after a long day is more likely to put me to sleep.

I find that listening to a book on Audible also overrides that ever present voice we all have in our head and allows me pay more attention to the actual content. It definitely allows me to go through a book faster as I can listen to just a little of a book here and there, often while making a meal.  

These days, I actually take way better notes than I ever did in college, however, my notes are always a work in progress. They allow me to go back and review a particular book in a much more digestible format that works well for me and focused on what I thought was important or interesting to note without having to revisit the entire source.

Ever a proponent of information sharing, I’m working on linking my Audible book notes on this page. Taking these notes is actually quite time consuming in of itself, so your mileage will vary depending on how much effort I’ve put into the source book.

Rather than take a lot of new notes where I re-phrase in my own words the author's original idea, I tend to copy snippets of the author’s exact words as I appreciate it read/presented as intended directly from the horse’s mouth.

The 4-Hour Workweek Expanded And Updated (Audible Book Notes)

Tim Ferriss

The Magic Of Thinking Big (Audible Book Notes)

David J. Schwartz

Radical Candor (Audible Book Notes)

Kim Scott

The Secret (Audible Book Notes)

Rhonda Byrnes