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Monday - September 24th, 2018
My 2013 laptop screen is broken but I can get around it by using another monitor which I do.
Monday - June 11th, 2018
I’ll admit that I was super lucky to have snuck into Google back in May of 2003 when no one was looking. Everyone in the SF Bay Area had packed up and shipped back to where they were from after the first dot com bubble burst and I had chosen to stick it out.
Thursday - May 31st, 2018
Kevin Kelly’s 1000 True Fans concept is one I love and that I have been meaning to explain and share for those not familiar with it. Having found myself in recent conversation again talking about this concept, figured it was time to get it on the blog.
Tuesday - April 17th, 2018
At first I wasn’t sure if we were gonna be able to make it due to the unpredictability of both my father’s job and mine, but thanks to the grace of God and a go with the flow mentality, Gonz and I, ended up making it to Washington, D.C. tonight to attend a wonderful classical concert celebration put together to honor 100 Years Of The Royal Air Force.
Wednesday - March 28th, 2018
I do poorly when answering interview questions from folks wanting me to fit their way of thinking.